NatWest ATM

Interior and exterior fit out


NATWEST High Street, Stourbridge

Project Description

Replacement of ATM machine

Project commencement time

16:00 pm

Project Completion time

20:00 pm

Project specification & Repair details

  • Liaise with bank manager & arrange to take over bank security after close of business
  • Sign into branch, take possession of bank keys for entry and exit, check fire procedure and alarm policies
  • Accept responsibility of branch security following departure of staff at close of business. Secure vacant bank premises whilst work is in progress.
  • Remove existing machine and arrange for courier collection
  • Remove plinth and arrange disposal as not compatible with new machine
  • Carry out structural repairs to brickwork surrounding ATM - Alter to suit new machine
  • Remove existing door & frame
  • Take delivery of and carry out replacement of ATM with brand new machine
  • Replace door and frame to fit new ATM
  • Touch up décor using colour match as detailed in job specification from initial survey
  • Tidy site including machine clean
  • Organise photography to be taken of ATM machine pre and post completion & arrange delivery of digital photographs to consultant
  • Communicate with bank security at head office in Scotland - give password - check & secure premises - set alarm - return keys to location as requested by security at head office.


Project Successful & Handover Complete

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